Treasures in the Vineyard

wine and territory

A journey and a discovery

You will visit the territories and the beauties that enrich the territory where our vines rise.

You will hear and discover the historical events that took place right where our vineyards each year give us the raw material that is used to produce our wines and that allow us

Vigneto camilla
Winde and Taste

An experience for the palate

You will taste, in our cellar, the authentic taste of the dishes of our tradition accompanied by our wines.

It will not be a simple degradation but you will fully breathe the experience not only of being a guest of a wine cellar but of being part of a family known for the value of your work, its history, values and quality.

wine and exclusivity

Exclusive benefits

If you decide to bring one of our wines in a limited edition to your home or IF YOU TAKE PART in the Treasure Route of the Territory or in the Asino D’Oro Tour, you will be able to get exclusive access to the Malavasi Exclusive Club and get RESERVED SERVICES AND ADVANTAGES :

– Possibility to participate in exclusive events
– Discounts and special discounts in our Shop
– You will access an exclusive loyalty program
– You will have access to dozens of recipes that you can prepare at home
– You will find out more about our wines and YOU WILL REVIVE THE EXPERIENCE whenever you want


You are not from the area but would like to visit us? We have the solution!

Thanks to the association B & B Sirmione and holiday homes (which brings together most of the operators in the field of tourism) we can give you the opportunity to experience the TREASURES IN VIGNA at a discounted price and to spend and live a few days in one of the most beautiful and evocative places of our Country: SIRMIONE


Morning tour at 10 am (tour lasts 2 h 30 min)

Tour of the vineyards and lunch with us at the winery 55 € per person

Afternoon tour at 4 pm (tour lasts 2 h 30 min)

Tour of the vineyards and aperitif-dinner with us at the winery 45 € per person

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