The month of our 10 years anniversary

A story of success

Ten years ago, We brought our family tradition and our philosophy to the Lower Garda area of Brescia, near the shores of this world-famous lake.

We have invested a huge quantity of time and hectoliters of dripping effort to bring and create wines of excellence that could really leave their mark on the minds and hearts of our customers and that could contain in their taste and quality all the treasure of our lasting tradition of three generations.

During these short and, at the same time, long ten years, our wines have received many awards and have now crossed national borders.

During this period, we have produced real diamond quality wines, nowadays known and awarded both in Italy and abroad.

Moreover, one of the things that struck us the most and really filled us with pride was the DOUBLE victory obtained by the great director Claudio Pelizer:

+ Food Film Fest – 6th edition - Bergamo (Special prize for the Best Promotional Video on a commercial theme)

+ California Wine Film Fest (best Short Films to promote territory and wine)