The signs of the growth of Cantina Malavasi

A new Winery

With our 10th anniversary a real new era has started for our business, fueled by the desire to grow further and win the hearts of thousands of people.

For this reason, we’ve decided to invest in the construction of a new cellar, that will allow us to increase our wine production and which, consequently, satisfy a market demand which, during this decade, has rewarded our brand, our production and our wines.

A new logo

Another very important decision was to communicate the family origin of our winery and its tradition, by expressing our mission to produce wines of the highest quality, without totally revolutionizing our previous logo. Not for nothing our motto is “not just wines, but (wine) excellence”.

Throughout the decade that has just ended, our brand has distinguished itself as a real quality mark in the wine sector and market. Through this new logo, we want to reinforce the idea that this is the signature of a company with a long familiar tradition in the production of high-quality wines, strongly linked to the territory but, at the same time, international.