Ciocapiàt Lambrusco IGT

VINE: Lambrusco Salamino, Ruberti, Ancellotto.
PRODUCTION AREA : Oltrepo Mantovano (the area of Mantova’s province souyth of the river Po)
HARVESTING: Hand Picking.
VINIFICATION: Traditional red vinification with cold maceration to optimize the extraction of aromas.
FERMENTATION LENGT : 10 – 12 days.
FOOD PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: If served chilled, this wine pairs perfectly with summer dishes such as spelt or pastasalads and cold cuts. At room temperature, it remains faithful to Mantova’s traditional dishes.
APPERANCE: In the glass, a violet foam conveys the lively and young character of wine.
COLOUR: Intense ruby-red expressing its structure and body from the first visual examination.
AROMA: On the nose, intense floral nuances with strong elements of violet intertwined with hints of red berry fruits and dewberry.
FLAVOUR: The attack in the mouth is effervescent, then it changes into a pleasant fruity flavour with a lingering finish.

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