Journey and a Discovery

With us you will visit the most suggestive places and beauties that enrich the territory where our vines live/ our vines territory.

You will discover the historical events that animated these lands. Walking through the rows, you will be introduced to the Lugana viticulture and understand the potential of Turbiana and other grape varieties of the area.

The Taste of belonging to a family

Here you can find the authentic taste of traditional Italian dishes accompanied by our wines.

It won’t be a simple tasting, you will fully breathe the experience of being a guest of a winery and becoming, for a few hours, an integral part of a Wine Family with Its traditions, history and values.

You will experience moments of extraordinary authenticity, that will make you appreciate the challenges undertaken by our winery and taste wines that will certainly make you excited/ and taste hauntingly flavored wines.

Exclusive benefits

You will have the chance to join the Malavasi "big family". By leaving your details you will be able to access to the additional services that we are preparing for you, receiving a special treatment.

Who knows Malavasi, always come back!
Malavasi Winery, an experience that you’ll never forget!

Morning tour

10:00 a.m
Tour of the vineyards of 2 hours, followed by wine tasting and lunch with us at our winery.

55 € per person
(Children up to 12 years free)

Tour del Mattino

4.00 pm
Tour of the vineyards of 2 hours, followed by wine tasting and aperitif-dinner with us at our winery.

45 € per person
(Children up to 12 years free)