The beginning of a great history

Malavasi’s production philosophy is that of an ever-increasing quality of the wines, in compliance with the principles of eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility.
For 4 generations Malavasi family has made agriculture their choice of life, carving out, over time, an increasingly important role for wine

Since the nineteenth century, during the first period of the industrial revolution, great-grandfather Tita had been producing wine, mainly used as payment in kind to the 50 families who worked for him in the company fund. 
In the following years, viticulture acquired an increasingly important role to the point that wine became a selling product.

There are many family anecdotes that have wine as protagonist, such as the one where grandfather Callisto, after pressing, use to throw stalks into the well to "flavor" the water. Brotherhood, respect and solidarity have made Malavasi an extraordinary family. The Settlers and laborers at first, then the suppliers and customers, have found themselves in this special network made out of relationships and values of the past that have overwhelmed and conquered them. Tales that still fade into legends today.



Agricultural entrepreneur with a marked creative genius, Daniele runs his company with the pride of someone who loves the reality he lives in a young but already established company. The winery is located in the municipality of Pozzolengo with vineyards located also in the nearby Desenzano del Garda, immersed in an enchanting scenery characterized/defined by the affability of the Morainic hills.

The love for good wine, the mild climate given by the proximity of Lake Garda, the identification of vineyards with a high viticultural vocation to comply with Daniel’s production style, assisted by oenologists Franco and Matteo Bernabei, were all together fundamental premises for the company’s development.

The meticulous attention to detail, a great passion, the precise knowledge of the production potential of each plot, have allowed the company to enhance the production features of undisputed value in a short time. Harmonies that you can find in the different Luganas, more than in the other wines subject to continuous and unusual experiments with vines of extraordinary elevation and great history. A concert of emotions that bears the name Malavasi on the label.

The method

The products from Malavasi winery are made with the intent to excite and stimulate all 5 senses, in complete harmony with the unique characteristics of a territory suited for viticulture, due to its limestone-clay soil, that gives minerality to the wine, and a climate influenced by the proximity of the lake, which allows greater temperature variations, thus enhancing the aromas. The final result is amplified by human ingenuity which, thanks to experience and the most modern research technologies, re-proposes in the vines grown in these vineyards all the potential of a generous territory with a thousand resources.

The company currently covers 10 hectares of vineyards, distributed between Desenzano and Pozzolengo It is in this latter location that the winery and warehouses are located.

From selected grapes of the best vintages, 8 different labels/wines were created, thanks to the enological art, combined with ancient tradition and modern technology. Wines of character, authentic expression of this unique and highly prestigious terroir.

Lugana as it should be

Pozzolengo is located halfway between Desenzano del Garda and Peschiera del Garda, on the Morainic hills. This is an area known to most for the cultivation of olive trees, mulberries and vines, which magically transform into wines of great depth and undisputed fame.

The nearby Sirmione is known both for the imposing castle, for the famous caves of Catullus and for the relaxing thermal baths, but the whole area is also renowned for the precious native vine, which is grown in this area on the shores of the lake of Garda.

Lake Garda is sheltered by the surrounding mountains and benefits from a mild and favorable climate that allows greater temperature variations, which enhance the scents of an area suited for viticulture, thanks to its limestone clay soil, which gives minerality the wines. The final result is a prestigious terroir that gives rise to a native vine, the Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana, characterized by the aromas, flavors and beauty of the territory in which it is born.

The integrated viticulture and the particular type of calcareous and clayey soils give the wine unique structure and minerality. The resulting terroir added to winemaking processes careful to keep the wine as intact as possible, are the secrets for obtaining a product that stands out for its character and typicality. MALAVASI’s commitment is to ENSURE A CONTROLLED CHAIN, so as to offer the consumer harmonious and balanced wines: wines made to excite!