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Turin, the starred chef Batavia celebrates the birthday of the "Birichin" restaurant with Malavasi wine

"Other collaborations are already under consideration - explains a note from Malavasi - that want to bring the wines of the Brescia company into the 'good salons' of the Italian culinary...

Malavasi wins Covid and relaunches "Contromano"

Extract from the 2021 Wine Guides

The extract from the 'Wine Guides 2021' confirms the virtuous path undertaken by MALAVASI. In 2021, new favorable comments were added for this company that does not stop offering intriguing...

Malavasi continues to grow

Malavasi goes «Contromano» to grow

Milano Wine Week: MALAVASI is there!

On Sunday, the 4th October, from 18.00 to 22.00, the Lugana wines of Malavasi Winery will be ambassadors of the denomination at Babila Palace, in Milan. Wine tastings will be open to the experts and...

04 October 2020